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to gather along san francisco's waterfront. live at justin herman plaza. that is the prime viewing location for the fireworks. >> reporter: a lot of people are definitely coming out here to check out that show. we watched the crowd steadily grow out here. right next to several muni lines. we can tell you muni is running free overnight tonight. just up market street, that's where bart is. bart is going to be running until 3:00 a.m., tomorrow morning to help people celebrate safely. the light show is just beginning along san francisco's waterfront. a preview for tonight's 15 minute fireworks display at midnight. san francisco police are estimating as many as 250,000 could turn out for the big show. >> just the excitement. it's just the eclectic crowd. the everything. it's the city. >> reporter: restaurants along the embarcadero, like sin bads say the only holiday that can approach new year's eve business is mother's day. >> we are booked out for the night entirely every year. >> reporter: crews put up barricades to keep new years revelers off the street. >> be advised if you are out there and
. >> and the excitement spilled out to the san francisco streets with police arresting several rowdy fans tonight. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. >>> the 49ers they staged quite a come back to defeat the falcons. and fred inglis is joining us. >> this is why i don't go on roller coaster rides. my stomach can't take it. the 49ers knew they would need a record setting come back. and quarterback colin kaepernick showed leadership. 49ers take the first lead with more than eight minutes left in the game. matt ryan he was big all day but his fourth at four. and there's navarro bowman. 49ers earn the greatest come back in history. they now have a chance to win their sixth nfl title but their first one in 18 years. >> we want to go get it. those guys came out on fire. putting 17 points early. this type of shot late in the season, we definitely did that today. >> can you explain what it means to go to the super bowl now? >> it means a lot. from the bottom, being at the top right now this feels amazing. >> as an individual this is what you dream of. you dream of going to the top
disaster on san francisco bay when this oil tanker sideswiped a tower of the bay bridge. the big question tonight how did it happen. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. close call on the san francisco bay but was it human error or something else. officials are trying to determine how a tanker hit a tower on the san francisco bridge. the coast guard reports no oil spill resulted. we've learned the tanker had already been unloaded. and caltrans says there was no major damage to the bridge. it remained open to travel traffic. we have continuing coverage now from heather holmes. she's live at treasure island with what she's learned about the bar pilot guiding that tanker and the scrutiny he's now facing. >> reporter: he's been a bar pilot since 2005. prior to that he worked for several years on oil tankers for exxon. but today while guiding that vessel. the overseas raymar this experienced mainer sideswiped the tower of the bridge. look at the top left side of this picture. that is a piece of the bridge barrier stuck to the side of the ship's hull. >> about 30
way for an innocent bystander who died in a new year's day crash in san francisco. 26-year-old francisco gutierrez was killed while walking outside a liquor store on van nuys avenue. police say a speeder caused the crash while speeding away from officers. another bystander was also killed. he was in a car held by the suspect. >>> san jose police have released the sketch of a man who has a neighborhood on alert after he tried to snatch a child from her mother's arms. police say the three-year-old was playing with other children when the man approached and comment ed on how she looked. feeling uncomfortable, the mother picked up the girl, but the man tried to pull the toddler from her arms. >> when he knelt down, he grabbed my daughter by her feet. we were tugging at each other. and her bottoms were falling off, and then eventually, her boots fell off, and that's when the struggle ended. i ran inside my house and called the police. >> here is a sketch released by police. the man is described as latino, in his 20s wearing a red baseball hat, blue genes and a light colored shir
view of pro-house in san francisco hosted a watch party today. dozens of people cheered and clapped as they watched a live broadcast. many became emotional as they watched president obama speak. one woman said she's glad the president will have the chance to complete the work he started in the first term. you can go to our website for more, including links to unedited video. look for the tab at the top. >>> the president took the oath of office the same day the nation celebrates the rights of dr. martin luther king junior. [ music ] >> hundreds marched in san francisco to remember dr. king's legacy. the freedom ride commemorates the ride. many were old enough to remember him and one marched at his side. >> he was a wonderful person, wonderful person. i always said nonviolence. >> for all americans to get out and enjoy this day and just to celebrate. >> the celebration ended with a prayer, discussion and films. >>> the san francisco 49ers are of course headed to the super bowl and today the team's head coach had plenty to say as robert reports, jim already knows much of the hyp
have critics fuming. >>> a san francisco-based media company suddenly sold the surprising buyer's workers' worry about their future. >>> and surveillance video of a man running from a crime. what police say he did to a helpless animal. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >>> it's wednesday, january 2nd. i'm maureen naylor in for gasia tonight and this is bay area news at 7:00. the new year begins with a big bang on wall street thanks to a large part to a new tax deal that averts the fiscal cliff. stocks today scored their larger gains in more than a year. the dow gained 308 points. the nasdaq sored 92, a gain of more than 3%. over the past two trading sessions, the dow is up 474 points. that's a boost of more than 3 and a half percent in just two days. over the entire year of 2012, the dow gained 7%. continuing coverage now from reporter brian todd and some of the questionable tax perks contained in the deal. >> the tax perks for some industries that have been extended in this might just make you blow a gasket like gaskets found on
hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san francisco police are investigating a shooting that claimed the life of a 26-year- old man. police say around 5:30, the driver was struck by at least one bullet and crashed. the driver was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. the shooter remains at-large. police are asking anyone with any information on the shoot shooting to contact them. >>> the vallejo police say a string of events led them tie woman who claims she was kidnapped at gunpoint in oakland and then forced into prostitution by a vallejo couple. police say 31-year-old james thomas and his girlfriend seen here, 20-year-old xavieria laney are being healed on suspiction of king county forcible kidnapping and forcible pimping. witnesses say thomas left the scene in a white mustang and he was later located at a home on kentucky street and at that home an adult woman said she had been kidnapped and forced into prostitution. >>> a water-main break caused troubles in san leandroo. the breaker was first reported around 4:20 this afternoon. san leandro police had to shut down the road
for questions. you can go to ktvu.com to view law video of the arrests. >>> san francisco police say they've made an arrest increase with a fatal shooting this past weekend. it happened just after midnight yesterday near napes. police say 43-year-old daniel cologne and his cousin were walk home from a bar when someone opened fire. they've arrested 32-year-old seth mires of san francisco. >>> new at 7, the america's cup and san francisco won't just be about failing. they're building an amphitheaters for an america's cup concert series. live at the site to explain how the venue will be used and the big name singer coming to town. >> reporter: that's right. the amphitheater will be here between pierce 27 and 29. you can see they will have america's cup billboards up here. today we got a look behind the fence at the venue's construction site. a facility that will become a viewing and media area during the cup races this summer. crews also are preparing to start work now on the adjacent lot where a 9000 pavilion will be built. the temporary amphitheater will be used for concert, educational sh
and julie are off tonight. a shocking allegation against michael crabtree. san francisco police revealed tonight they are investigating the 25-year-old in connection with an allegation of sexual assault. we get the developing news from ktvu's amber lee. she's live in the city with what we know about the alleged assault and some initial reaction, amber. >> reporter: ken, news that the 49 wide receiver is being investigated for sexual assault comes as a surprise to the 49 fans we spoke to here at momo's tonight. the 25-year-old is having what some would characterize a break out season after being drafted by the 49 in 2009. the alleged assault happened in a san francisco early last sunday just hours after the 4- 9ders played the packers. police did not name the hotel just a short while ago a spokesman for the police department told us investigators interviewed crabtree who had an attorney with him and said the football player was cooperative. >> at this point he has not been detained or arrested. to my knowledge he was on the plane with the rest of the 49ers today in atlanta ready to play t
or lose the super bowl is bound to bring fans into the streets of san francisco and that's something police are already planning for. ktvu's debra villalon is live now in the city where the world is going out, party peacefully, deborah. >> reporter: we're looking at the ferry building it is glowing red. people spill into the streets sunday as the 49ers win their super bowl berth. it looked a lot like when the giants won the world series. >> it's in the works at this time to ensure that we cover all the bases. >> reporter: planning at sfpd is already underwaeup for super bowl sunday. unlike yesterday it will be dark when the game ends which is a factor. >> when it's at nighttime, people tend to drink a little bit more. >> reporter: as fans cruise there will be a multitude of officers on hand looking for drunk and dangerous behavior. last night a dozen arrests were made. most for public intoxication. but with bigger crowds and a bigger celebration, comes a bigger risk to munni. vandals on market street set this bus on fire destroying it after the last giant's championship. they took af
. >>> a 19-year-old pleaded not guilty to murder charges in a san francisco court today in connection with a deadly crash on new year's day. david morales is accused of shooting at three people and fleeing police before crashing at 21st street and south van ness. the impact of his crash killed two people and seriously injured a third. >>> an oakland mother is asking for help looking for her run away son who has the mental capacity of an 11-year-old. here's 15-year-old charles anderson. he's big for his age. he's 5' 11, and weighs 230 pounds. his mother and step father say charles left his home sunday afternoon after they argued about him going to see a friend. his mother says she has checked with friends and family and he's not with them. >>> there are questions tonight about whether fbi investigators are on the right track in a new search for more victims of the speed freak killers. crews continued for a second day excavating a well in san joaquin county. the well was identified after six months of investigation, including interviews with one of the killers. but a map drawn by sherma
this morning in san francisco and a freeze warning is set to kick in at the same time for most of the bay area. we want to check in now with mark tamayo who's keeping a close eye on the cold temperatures. there's no cloud cover tonight, that's the problem. >> no cloud cover. right now we're talking about frost advisories and freeze warnings for the fourth night in a row. that frost advisory in place for san francisco set to begin at 2:00 tomorrow morning to reflect temperatures in the mid- 30s. for a good portion of the bay area we have freeze warnings. look at that temperature range, 18. 18 to 30 degrees first thing tomorrow morning. you can see for all the areas shaded in purple. here is a look at some of the current numbers for the 10:00 hour. san francisco in the mid-40s. oakland at 43 degrees. walnut creek 30 degrees right now. santa rosa 34. we have a bunch of other temperature sensors that deployed across the region and very cold numbers currently 31 degrees. petaluma in the current 30s. pleasanton 34 and in the south bay for san jose, san jose state currently 32. some lower 30s out tow
in pittsburgh, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san francisco police today released new surveillance video in hopes of solving a three-month-old murder. investigators say the trail has gone cold following the killing of 46-year-old aleiah cruz. they hope the public will recognize the man. less than an hour later the man ran down the sidewalk. cruz was found stabbed to death in her home. >> we're trying to drum up any information. this might spark someone's memory. they might recognize this person from a neighborhood. >> police also released this sketch of a suspect. he is described as a mixed-reyes man, 26 to 35 years old with braids or ponytails. >>> new information tonight about a bone fragment found in a central valley well. police in hayward now say it is not from kidnapped victim mckayla garrett. that bone was discovered with the remains of other victim of the so-called speed freak killers. because of the victim's ages and the time they were buried, investigators thought the bone might have been garrett's remains but hayward police say dna testing shows the bone belongs to a previously-identif
's metakeller live at san francisco international airport. >> jana i just spoke with the manager who told me there are no delays at sfo. as for the rain it came on a busy travel weekend both in the air and on the roads. rain once again hit windshields and drenched the roads. so if you need to feed the family, why bother getting out of the car until you get home? >> just watch movies and eat in and out. >> stay warm and dry? >> yes, of course. >> reporter: many students enjoyed their time off with christmas and new year's, but head back to class on monday. for one college student the drive for san diego starts late tonight. >> mostly nervous because my tires are not the best tires to drive in the rain, but hopefully they will be okay. >> reporter: these guys are also driving southern california. >> the wipers aren't working well. >> reporter: people leaving in east palo alto have a reason to be nervous whenever it rains. >> it comes over, hey, it's going to go into the house. >> reporter: lucas brown and his family were evacuated on their home december 23rd after the creek ran over leve
birthday. over the decade she and her identical twin became san francisco icons. they were known for matching outfits and glovers. she suffered from alzheimer squeeze and happy -- disease and happy hospitalized. >> the owners of a dog bit a man. he does not want his face or last name revealed says the attack happened wednesday afternoon at raleigh manear dog park in south san jose. one dog malled his hand. david said the dog's owners ran away even after he asked them to call for help. san francisco based wells forg o reported record earn -- wells fargo reported revenue of $22 billion. they are the fourth large of the bank and number one home mortgage lender. activity fell a quarter. >> deow industrial rose 17 points. >>> while the dream liner is running the turbulence for the faa. >> also disturbing detail business hostages caught overnight inside a california department store. >> we'll tell you some of today's fan frenzy for tomorrow's playoff game. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six wa
from the bay area. one in san leandro, one in san francisco and one in sonoma county. >>> police in daly city say a fight between a father and son ended with both of them hospitalized with serious injuries. it happened around 2:30 this morning at the crown county apartments on emperial way. both are expected to survive. >>> one thing that happened in vegas did not stay in vegas. tonight san francisco giant's pitcher sergio romo is apologizing for an incident at the vegas airport on new year's day. tsa agents detained romo at an airport security checkpoint. they said he couldn't provide the proper i. d. police say the world series champ became upset and began acting aggressive so they handcuffed him. after romo calmed down he was sited for breaking rules and released. a statement tweeted by romo was released by the giants tonight. it said i would like to sincerely apologize about the recent events atlas vegas airport. i love and respect my team. >>> and david akers closed his twitter after getting death threats. he suffered a flair up in november and needed injections. akers is i
and a crew from san francisco fire department. >> the two victims were not seriously injured. the coast guard says the tugboat and barge were order back to port so the crews could be questioned. there is no word on what caused the collision. >> the discovery of a suspiction package in chinatown forced the closure of a busy intersection. the bomb squad was called to vallejo and stockton streets where someone spotted a metal briefcase. local pisses were told to shut their doors and stay in place. >> it was a metal case and we had no other way to determine what it was other than just because there was so much pedestrian and vehicle and tons of people out here. so we had to have that for safety. >> a robot recovered the object. san francisco police say they took to an undisclosed location and "entered it safe over-from gun buybacks to marches the controversy over gun control was front and center across the nation and here in the bayer. ktvu assists noelle walker was at a town hall meeting in san francisco. >> reporter: the pews were filled. >> gun control was the hot topic at a town ha
>>> workers dig up the concrete floor of a garage in san francisco as investigators revisit a cold case of a missing boy. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the case of a missing boy is back in the news tonight. kevin collins was on his way home from practice when he vanished. healther holmes has been tucking with family members but we begin with amber lee where today's search took place. amber. >> reporter: julie the 12 hour search ended at about 6:30 tonight. kevin collins was last seen standing at a bus stop right where i am. and the search took place across the street outside blue home with the white trim. a police source characterized this as a quote check box investigation to revisit all suspects and leads from the kevin collins case. one neighbor who's the mother of two children tells us she's unsettled by the search. >> what's your reaction as a mom. >> terrifying. especially in your own neighborhood. i mean it was a long time ago but i think in everyone's mind there's always a fear. >> reporter: san francisco police set up a search headquarters. >>
who's credited with turning around the l.a. and san francisco police department. >> one man shouted back at the hecklers. >> reporter: this oakland moment said she lived in l.a. when bratton was chief there. >> he told his officers that los angeles was beirut and they should patrol as such. what do you think did to the officers that were working that the time. >> reporter: one man said it was stock and frisk that took the life of his son. >> we can't get alan back. we can't accept anyone to go through what we went there. >> reporter: chief jordan says stop and frisk has been uncharacterrized. >> i'm the one that's going to decide what practice we're going to do and how we're going to do it because i'm going to be responsible. bill brantton will give me advice and it's up to me to approve it. >> it'll be up to the council and it'll be up for a vote in a week. amber lee, ktvu. >>> we caught up with jerry brown and asked him what could be done about crime. >> it's a matter of responding with intelligence, with cooperation, with the sheriff and the police and the parks people everyone w
>>> san francisco won't be hosting a big super bowl watch party. find out why and how authorities intent to keep a lid on the revelry. good evening i'm julie haener >> and i'm frank somerville. it is going to be a super bowl without a civic celebration. deborah villalon is live with how the city plans to maintain order. reporter>> we're in the exelciur mission near mission and perka. but take a look at the this very same spot after the world series. super bowl night it plans for 450 officers to be on the street. aaa normal -- triple a normal sunday evening. >> it's inside the bar where people drink too much. they get outside the bar and somebody tkpwáets -- gets in a fight. >> if it looks like something is getting out of hand or if they got too much of a crowd in a bar we'll just close it down. reporter>> civic law outlawed super bowl watch parties. nummi will swap electric buses with diesel. . >> we don't want them hurt. we want them to be part of celebrating. reporter>> the mayor says he will visit businesses to urge them to take responsibility too. >> to suggest that the
of rain to less of that. san francisco, you have showers, breaks now in the peninsula near foster city. san jose you're starting to see light showers and livermore area some breaks as well. things are changing, most of the showers have moved through. there are more out there as we go to the five-day forecast. we'll show you when the next chance for showers will be. thank you. >>. >>> oakland leaders to address the controversial decision to hire a police consultant team. that clause bill branton. oakland needs help to quell violence in the city and they maintain the former la and police chief can bring decades of expertise to support that effort criteria. >> he really felt that the community has to be involved at the very -- at every level of the planning and sxe contusion of crime fighting. this particular plan is not about bill br. >> at a contention meeting the voter meeting voted 7 to 1 to hire the outside consultian. we tracked him down. heez looking forward to working with the chief. >> i've known him for a period of time and he is very open to bringing outside assistance. he is t
to an oakland gang. the san francisco chronicle said the victim allegedly passed on information about kumra's mansion. the game hatched the home invasion plan. 3 men charged with murder. dixon is an excessery. >> a pursuit ended in a crash just after 5 this afternoon. deputies say they tried to stop a car from reckless driving but called off when the suspect went on city streets crashing near 3 vehicles. several people were injured but nobody went to the hospital. officers say they found a handgun, an ak 47, both of them loaded inside the suspect's car. >>> now to washington d.c. san francisco's mayor, edlee is on with president obama in gun violence. >> by doing what we can do by joining the national effort is going to be critical. >> oakland mayor jean quan says now is the time, and she thinks most americans agree. vice president joe biden addressed the congress today. hess they need the mayor's support to get passed by congress. it is expected to be a fight. >>> overwhelming turn out for marin county is prompting a change. success led to serender. >> for last tuesday's buy back event, su
husband filed a lawsuit in san francisco superior court against the sheriff and his wife for defamation of character. madison is the neighbor who video taped a tearful lopez talking about a bruise on her arm she sustained after an argument with her husband. the sheriff was suspended after the incident but has since been reinstated. >> new at 7:00 it seems like all the talk these days. well-known people caught up in a web of lice but is deceit part of our country? kara, what have you learned about lance armstrong's lies and lying in general. >>> well, cycling fans aren't nearly the only ones following the lance armstrong story closely as he admitted to oprah this week that he lied. >> in all 7 of your victories did you ever take banned substances or blood dope. >> yes. >> lance armstrong lied for years about doping. an elaborate scheme involving the dead girlfriend of a moe tremendous dame football star also a lie although we're still learn hag role manti te'o played in the hoax. >> we all engage in some degree of lying in order to get along. >> the professor says lying is part of the hu
for the setback in their search. >>> san francisco mayor ed lee announced to do long-await police substation will open next month in the city's central market area. the station is located on 6th street between jes seshgs and mission street. construction is expected to be complete in a couple of weeks. the mayor says the new station can help revitalize the area. the 6th street corridor has been plagued for years. >>> now, to our continuing coverage of efforts to curb gun violence in oakland. tonight the city public safety meeting is meeting to consider had success in lowering crime rates in other cities. dozens of protesters turned out to show their opposition to the move. the city has proposed bringing on former los angeles police chief william bratten as a consultant. the demonstrators say bratten's policies such as stop and frisk are racist and unconstitutional but police chief howard jordan supports him. >> i think he's a wonderful leader in law enforcement. i look forward to working with him. i don't expect any of the controversy that is surrounding him to be an issue for us. >> the publ
, call police, or you can text tip 411, and remain anonymous. reporting live in san francisco, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> in 90 seconds, a controversial city issued id card. the twist that will make it a first for the nation. >> also officials in one bay area city are declaring a state of emergency. >> what they're >>> a first of its kind city issued debit card will now be available to citizens in oakland. >> reporter: starting next month, oakland hopes to become the first city in the nation to offer an id card that can also work as a debit card. julio berraro, an undocumented immigrant makes his living selling cotton candy from a stick. he says he's been in the u.s. for 13 years. in limited english, he told me he's been robbed at gun point several times. he says he often carries cash, because he doesn't have a photo id to open a pang account. he plans to apply for the city's new id card, that resembles this prototype, because it can also work as a debit card. he says he will have a safe place to keep his money. gabrielle with street level health project is working with
crash claimed two innocent lives outside of a liquor store in san francisco this morning. david stevenson told us the driver being blamed for that wreck is familiar to san francisco police. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows the deadly impact this morning. >> obviously this is an unbelievable tragedy. >> reporter: police say it began with reports of shots fired at a housing complex. police pulled over this chevy. >> the vehicle took off at a high rate of speed and ran through the next two intersections colliding with the white vehicle. >>> skid marks show where the white toyota crashed smashing into this liquor store. >> as the vehicle was thrown against the store there was also a mid-20-year-old male pedestrian walking into the store. he was also pronounced dead at the scene. >> surveillance video shows the toyota destroying the shop's front door. >> the driver i think he was in his 20s. he was kind of shocking or he couldn't talk. >> reporter: the passenger in that vehicle a female in her mid-20s was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver is in life threatening condi
. >> hello everyone i'm heather holmes. for the record second year in a row the san francisco 49ers are heading to the nfc championship. quarterback colin kaepernick leads the tale to that huge victory over the packers. a live look at candlestick, which as you can see in the live pictures still lit up after tonight's game. eric rasmussen outside of the stick to talk to the fans. >> reporter: you can still feel the energy and excitement out here. it's a good thing everybody is in a good mood, because they have a long way to wait trying it make their way out of candlestick park. i did talk to a couple of traffic officers and they say everybody this they encounter has behaved for the most part. the party still going on tonight. we actually met up with this group from petaluma and santa rosa before the game and caught up with them again after the big victrism you see the celebration going on there. tonight some fans told me they felt like there was more energy at candlestick park and we saw plenty of it right after the game tonight. >> niners no. 1, baby! we're coming for the super bow
in the basement of a san francisco house near the spot kevin disappeared from in 1984. now, after all these years she may finally find out what happened to kevin collins. the sixth born of her eight children. >> intellectually, i'm sure he's gone from the very beginning. but emotionally i don't want it to be. >> reporter: an erie connection that turns out macayla and kevin shared the same birthday. and what it's like to weigh the analysis of bones that might be their children. >> i said to her, your probably one of the few people that really knows how i feel. >> reporter: ann collins, a grandmother, divorced in '72 says she finds comfort in her faith and family. and believes that one day she and kevin will again be together. >> hoping that i'll be in heaven, and i think he'll be the first one that greets me. hi mom. >>> new at 10:00, the california highway patrol says its officers will continue patrolling oakland streets for another 30 days. the chp had freed to help oakland police. but that deal was set to expire on friday. whether the chp will be paid going forward is another matter. oakland of
to enter a plea. reporting live from mountain view, ktvu xanl 2 news. >>> well, meantime, san francisco police are asking for the public's help in solving a homicide that happened six years ago today. nfthers say that an a gunman shot al ber toe as he drove his silver suv near 13th january 7th, 2007. police say the shooter had confronted earlier that night at club caliente. >>> oakland police are investigating the city's first homicide of the year. the police department shot spotter picked up several gunshots just before 1:00 this amp at hamilton street. investigators say that someone fired a gun into a car that was carrying three people, killing one of them, apparently a teenager. the other two people in that car were unharmed. police are still looking for that gunman. >>> the man accused of killing seven people at oakland's oikos university will be going to a hospital instead of a courtroom. alameda county superior court panetta ruled goh is incompetent to stand trial. she based her decision on reports from two psychiatrists. goh faces seven counts of murder and three counts of attemp
, and the numbers already rapidly dropping off. 36 in napa right now. 40 degrees in concord. 49 san francisco. as we head inland, east bay, 37 degrees at walnut creek, 33 degrees out mount diablo low 40s in mrez santon and livermore. we have advisories. the frost advisory for our bay side communities, back into the 30s into the overnight hours and shades of purple for our inland valley locations, northeast and south bay, a freeze warning that will last until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, as well. when i come back i'll show you a detailed map of what i expect for you tomorrow morning and when i expect us to finally warm up. gasia. >>> nearly 30 homeowners are headed into this frigid night without power after a large redwood free smashed oo home and power lines. that 150-footal redwood tree toppled on west baltimore avenue in larkspur about 11:30 this morning. neighbors say they heard a person inside the home yelling for help. the tree also brought down power lines cutting electricity to nearly 70 homes. some power has been restored but pg&e says it may take crews all night to get power back to the last
>>> san francisco shout out against the housing plan. why some say condo conversion is bad for the community. >>> complete news coverage starts now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >>> good evening and it's monday, i'm gasby bs calian and this is news at 7:00. are you ready for football and we begin with the super ball. both teams are in new orleans. the afl baltimore ravens arrived this afternoon. first off the coach was donn harvar and followed by the players. >>> they say they're trying to stay focused on what stays ahead and one player calls it a business trip. they attended meeting when away from cameras and when asked about the distractions like new orleans and the coach said they've discussed the matters amongst themselves. >>> but unlike the nighters, our cruise can soak in the super bowl. we have coverage are cane wane and he's on burr bin street and see how they're embracing the city. >> reporter: very loud here on burbin street in new orleans and there's fans on every corner and blasting music and you can see people crowding the streets and news cameras are here f
san francisco police along with the fbi have been searching a home where a boy disappeared 29 years ago. kevin collins was on his way home from basketball practice when thy vanished from a bus stop. ouramber lee is where authorities have been searching. >> just a short while ago law enforcement wrapped up their search. it took place inside in two- unit home with the lights on. >> we this evening she tells us police did find something that they sent to a state lab for testing. cadaver dogs might have found remains under the con can crete floor of the garage. preliminarily it appears they are animal bones and not how many. one neighbor tells us she's unsettled by the search. >> >> reporter: what's you're reaction? >> tearerfullying. especially in your own neighborhood. it's been a long time ago but in everyone's minds there's also fear. >> reporter: the search has attacked a lot of attention in this neighborhood. people telling us they remember kevin collins being among the first missing children casings getting widespread attention. >>> we have more details now from our past coverage
ú >>> a live look at the san francisco skyline on a cold bay area night. temperatures are falling and another freeze warning is in effect. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the cold snap gripping the bay area is still with us tonight. it's going to stick around for several more nights. we have team coverage meteorologists mark tamayo is in the weather center tracking the cold temperatures but we are live with jana katsuyama with how people are preparing for another cold night, jana. >> reporter: as you just saw it is beautiful and clear. but definitely chilly tonight. not good if you're homeless and cold if you're one of the toll takers of the golden gate bridge and among many others that have to work outside. park rangers were on patrol at ocean beach tonight where some people were out walking bundled up against the wind. tourists had their winter jackets and hats on hand. >> i bought it from a little lady down at the emparcadero that and some gloves. >> it was very cold so i came back to my cab. >> reporter: furnace repair workers are in high
full containment by tomorrow morning. >>> the america's cup will make it mark on san francisco's waterfront. but it's not all about sailing. jana katsuyama got a look at a concert venue and tells us one big name that expected to perform. >> reporter: crews are busy in a venue that is expected to be a viewing area. a 9,000 seat america's cup pavilion will be built. it become used for concerts, and televised viewing of the races. >> this will be the seating area. stage over this way. >> reporter: today america's cup staff took us into the construction zone. >> reporter: all of the our ceremonies, honoring the sailors and the team will be held here. meeting the teams. >> reporter: today they announced that sting will kick off the series giving even nonsailing fans a reason to come to the site. >> i guess yeah, it's good. >> it's kind of good. >> having entertainment here just goes with the festive atmosphere. >> reporter: events will run through the summer in july and august. and continuing into september with the america's cup finals. reporting from san francisco, jana katsuyama,
.s. san francisco, san mateo, marin saw the third best jump in jobs, austin texas first with 4.4% growth. >> reporter: the estimated 700 students and alumna, navigating the booths, were primarily looking for one thing. >> internships. >> distribution internships. >> director of the career center recommends students start early and start with an internship. >> by the time you are a sophomore you want to look for internships. 90% of employers look to convert their interns into full time employment. >> the key to get a job right after college. that is what i am trying to do get on that train. >> how many people here, we had a line and had a show of hands who were engineering majors. google, cisco and apple hire more arts majors from this university. >> linked in has reached a milestone, 200 million members, users in more than 200 countries, 74 million american, 18 million in india and the two most followed are richard branson followed by president obama. linked in stock climbed 2% following the newsenedding at $113 a share. >>> facebook has e-mailed this cryptic invitation to reporters for
're fighting for the right to be naked in public. today san francisco nudists moved their battle to court. they say the city's ban on nudity is illegal. >> reporter: there are four nudists involved in this legal fight. >> there's at least one thing that is right with america, and that's the first amendment right. >> reporter: they were nude on the steps of the courthouse steps drawing dropped jaws and rafting and seeking a judge's injunction to drop san francisco's nudist ban. >> i have yet to see an argument. why nude expressive sitting is. >> reporter: the city was trying to get the civil right's suit thrown out. >> is it likely to convey a message. when someone is knew is it likely to convey a message. >> the bottom line with that is if you're at an event where the city is making money like pride or folsom you can be nude with our blessing. >> reporter: the city says the bottom line is about stopping the harm people feel when unwillingly exposed to nudity. >> the board tailors to protect the public but also leave avenues open for san francisco residents who do wish to engage in occasio
under the governor's new plan. >> we live, we soar. >>> in san francisco protesters held a rally on behalf of health and human services. they want the governor to restore full funding to programs for children, families, seniors and the disabilitied. they say budget cuts weaken the safety net for california's most vulnerable. >>> instead of concluding a search, we learned that san jose is expanding it. we learned that sandra pegoni wants more time to consider them and look at additional candidates. city officials say they want the best match for san jose and there is no time limit. the current chief chris moore plans to retire a week from this friday. >>> vallejo police say that a man that was once behind bars is back behind bars after killing his mother. dennis stanworth was first sentenced to death in 1966 for murdering two teenage girls. after california did away with the death sentence, his sentence was changed to life in prison. >> i am worried about our system, him getting out again. but i have a gun and i know how to use it. >> reporter: this time police say sanworth kille
never have reached the jury. >>> san francisco twitter launch aid new video sharing service. it allows users to record 6 second long loops which can be imbedded in tweets. the brevity will inspire users. >>> you need to clean up your image? a new app will let you delete questionable posts that may help you on a job. the app serves your facebook profile for inappropriate comments. then able to delete those items in that serve. >> manti te'o spoke how much he knew about the des epz. the 21-year-old -- deception talked to katy cuoric. >> he only learned of the hoax after the person he thought she was, called him months after he believed she had died of cancer. a 22-year-old man from palmdale has reportedly admitted the deception. >>> harbaughs, today their parents accident jack and jackie says they are neutral about the outcome. in a conference call they were put to the test. >> a have a question from baltimore. is it true both of you like jim better than john? >> i do not like john more -- is that john harbaugh? >> yes, it was john harbaugh. try to pull off a little prank on the press li
than 20 years. data quick says san francisco bay area home prices were up 32% year over year in december. that uncrease is the highest since data quick began tracking the market in 1988. the median paid price for a home in the bay area, climbed to a little more than $442,000, compared to $335,000 in december of 2011. data quick says much of the increase is the result of fewer foreclosed homes. >>> ebay's 4th quarter earnings beat expectations, thanks to shopperring turning to the site for holiday bargains. investors responded by boosting ebay stock 7% in after hours trading. ebay says it experienced its best year ever since the site was founded in 1995. >>> on wall street, the dow industrials fell 23 points today, but a rebound in apple stock helped the nasdaq move slightly higher. it gained 6 points. >>> the faa followed japan's lead today, and grounded boeing's problem plagued dreamliner. the newest, and most technically advanced jet on the planet. the 787 made its debut just last friday, and flights today were canceled. >> reporter: it was just this week that san jose beca
the saints. >> reporter: this fan is originally from san francisco. >> born and raised in san francisco. upper haight. >> reporter: today he said he got the thrill of a lifetime when he ran into coach jim harbaugh. >> said reuben look behind you. i looked behind me, i was like man. come here now and let me get your signature. >> reporter: if either team wants to put a spell on their opponent, reverend zombie's voodoo store is the place to go. >> things can be done for athletic competition, to kill results in one's favor or what not. >> does it involve human sacrifice? >> no. no human sacrifice. >> reporter: you're looking at a live picture of reverend zombie's voodoo shop on st. peter's street. just off of bourbon here in the french quarter. what i'm told, for the voodoo doll to work, you have to get a hair from the head of the person. that activates the doll so they can do the evil magic. they need to get the hairs from people like ray lewis to make it work. how they get those hairs? that's anybody's guess. live in new orleans, ken wayne. >>> stay with us for continuing coverage from n
>>> late tonight san francisco police identify the man wanted for a horrific attack. what prompted him allegedly to set a woman on fire. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. we have new information tonight about a crime in the san francisco's bay district. a woman was doused with chemicals and set on fire. tonight police are still looking for the assailant, the victim's boyfriend. police released the picture of dexter oliver. he is still on the run tonight. >> reporter: crime scene technicians carried gas canisters from the home. the people who live here say the extra gas is for the cars in the driveway. but today at noon police say this man 22-year-old dexter oliver decided to use the content of these bottles to burn and seriously injure his girlfriend. >> they argue and stuff all the time but i didn't think it would go this far. >> reporter: the mother of three is now in the hospital with burns to the face, chest and neck. the victim's sister says it all started with an argument that started at the laundromat. >> my sister wanted to wash but he didn't w
here in new orleans this evening. the vast majority of san francisco players will be making their first appearance in the super bowl. coach jim harbaugh is doing his best despite all the national media attention to make the week as normal as possible. >> being here on sunday, in the city. like a week late you're off to a sunday game. our team has been really focused. focused on winning. focused on the unity of the team. i think it's really genuine. >> reporter: even though it's only sunday night. the fans are already gathering at the 49ers hotel. >> you're hanging around outside the 49er hotel doing what? >> waiting to see anybody. anybody i just saw anthony dixon go by, i shook his hand. i'm so excited. >> how about frank gore for you? >> because frank gore is short and he's a little guy so that's why he's a good runner. >> john harbaugh and the baltimore ravens come to town. we'll see you a little later in sports. reporting live in new orleans, joe fonzi. >> all right, we'll see you then. >>> back in the bay area earlier today. fans cheered the 49ers on their way out. fans came to the
and will have more tonight on the 10:00 news on ktvu. >>> a 19-year-old man appear inside a san francisco court today to face two murder charges in contphebgd with a deadly crash on new year's day. david moralis appeared handcuffed and in a jumpsuit. he fired shots near the gardens housing complex in the mission. nobody was hit hit but the police say when they tried to stop him he sped off and crashed into another car. a woman in that car and a pedestrian were killed. one more person was injured. he is a known gang member. >> you have two innocent people that are dead that had nothing to do with anything to do with gangs and a third party that is seriously injured, absolutely no tolerance if for that at all. >> he remains in custody tonight in jail. he is held on $10 million bail. >>> also in san francisco, the authorities are looking for the driver of a bmw that slammed into a power poll, knocking out power to 2500 customers today. officers tried to pull over the driver just before 2:00 this morning. after a short pursuit the bmw crashed into a power poll. the driver ran from the scene. the ve
. >> in san francisco today, protest ors gathered on the -- protestors gathered today. these demonstrators say they want to disannualed budget cuts -- disabled for california's most vulnerable citizens. ktvu's has more. look for the bay area news tap -- tab on the homepage. >> according to new numbers from the labor department applications increased to just over 365,000. that is a 4-year low. commits say the figures indicate stability in the labor market. >> stocks wined on a winning note. nasdaq added 15. improving economic growth in trooper and china. health officials are warning the current flu season could be worst in a decade. during the same time in 2011, 849 flu cases, 26 times more cases. >> the form of fla a, which is the h -- flu a, which is the htn frame, that particular virus is a more prodominant season. >> california is not 1 of the hard hit states but the virus is spreads and recommend a flu shot. >> ambien for women, new reseven shows the active in -- research lingers in the bloodstream and can cause grogginess and impairment in the morning. that could increase the risk of car
here in the western edition. the san francisco unified school district is considering adding another school to this property. accompanies by a marching band, students carried a banner as they carried with their parents and teachers to the board of education. they're protesting the council's idea of moving a middle school to the same property. parents say the schoolyard is not large enough to be shared by two schools with a total of 600 students. >> it's just not a safe environment. you can see how tight it is already. we would be sharing a yard. it's far too small. >> reporter: this father says he's concerned about his daughter with more students around. >> i'm very concerned. with bullying and just make sure she's safe. >> reporter: tonight students tried to make their case to the school board. >> we have barely any room right now and our hall ways are very squished and it's not comfortable. >> reporter: there are already eight schools sharing sites says leigh. >> we would hope working together with the district's help we could make arrangements so they are compatible. >> reporter:
is running trains out of san francisco and extending service until 3 p.m. some lines will only stop at certain downtown stations. >> the point is to make sure they don't get overcrowded. >> muny is offering service. >> the bus lines including the 14, the 38 and the 5 will be r unning extended service throughout the night. >> they're adding service and will be free after 11 p.m. the last one leaves at 2:14. >> a lot of crazy people. dumb people. >> taxis will be in high demand, they are offering free rides, up to $35 for riders mentioning their sponsor and aaa is offering a free 10- mile tow home for members and nonmembers. >> other agencies are offering extended or free service i ncluding the broadway shuttle in the south bay. live in oakland, ktvu. >> crowds are gathering for the new years eve celebration, they are in effect. they spent the day loading shelves that will go into position before the show begins at midnight. >> and the cold weather is welcomed in the sierra, looking at these pictures sent to us by john. he says it was a bluebird day at the peak which means plenty of
of freezing. take a look at the numbers here. just lost the reading at san francisco, but san francisco still in the 40s. 33 for livermore, as we head into the inland east pay, 33 in walnut creek. mid-30s in san ramon. here is a detail on the advisory. starting in the overnight hours and lasting until 9:00, the frost advisory for the bay area. these areas expected to dip into the those the overnight hours. if you are within this tarker shade, that means 20s once again from santa rosa, san rafael, napa, and into the south bay. san jose south into morgan hill, as well as gillroy expected to see 20s once again. when i come back, we'll show you a detailed look at the numbers expected for your neighborhood as you get out tomorrow morning, and i'm tracking a warmup. when we will see some reliever coming up. >> and stay with rosemary and all of our ktvu meteorologists. you'll find their updated forecasts on-line. >> an interim police chief appointed today just days before san jose's current chief is set to retire. jerry esquivel is taking over the department during the interim. chief chris moore is
. in san francisco, back to you. >>> for superstitious fans the jerseys and hats are constant companions during the game. >> for commercial i have to have the hat faces forward if they are good. not good, back, the second they near the lead, the hat goes forward. >> other fans refuse to wash their jerseys for the season. some might light a prayer candle. over in the ohio the owners of home made ice cream are sending their ice cream to new orleans as a good luck charm. they won twice now after enjoying the frozen treats. stay here for your super bowl coverage. we will be reporting from new orleans starting this suspend. and ktvu.com has a section devoted to the big game including a slide show of niner fans showing off their pride. look for the tab right at the top of our home page. >>> a federal judge this afternoon heard arguments regarding the fate of oyster company but did not make a decision. it they waited outside of the courthouse. the federal government evicted them from the long time home at the point rays seashore back in november. they want the area returned to the natural wilde
from police and causing a crash that killed two innocent people in san francisco's mission district appeared in court today. david morales faces two counts of murder and several other felony charges in connection with the deadly crash on new year's day. the district attorney says morales is a known gang member. >> when you look at the outcome in this particular case, you have two innocent people that are dead, that had nothing to do with anything to do with gangs and then you have a third party that is very seriously injured, absolutely no tolerance for that at all. >> today's arrangement was postponed. if convicted morales could be sentenced to 200 years in prison. the medical examiner has identified the victim inside the other car that was hit as 29-year-old silvi a truncan. francisco gutierrez was also killed, he was walking by when he was hit and killed. >>> a man crashed his bmw right into a power pole. officers tried to pull the car over but the driver refused to stop. it crashed into a parked truck, a fence and that power pole. the driver ran off and hasn't been found. pg &
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